Quill Camp: True Crime

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Quill Camp: True Crime – $300

July 18-22, 2023

Registration opens April 3rd, 2023

True Crime is available to only 40 incoming freshman students in total. True Crime allows you to explore firsthand what it would be like to work in the criminal justice field and offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to see the criminal justice system in action. True Crime is designed to also establish a strong understanding of the criminal justice system and how that system relates to broader ideas and ideals of justice, equality, and human rights in the Fairfax/DC community.  

  • Observe and participate in mock crime scenes and criminal trials 
  • Explore various public/private institutions within the criminal justice system 
  • Open your eyes to a plethora of opportunities within the field and a chance to network 
  • Check out our sample True Crime 2023 Schedule!